30 August 2007

Busy and Tired

Well I have been really busy and tired with going to school to be Command Financial Specialist. I have to do all this work becuase I pick wife's who like to spend money. LOL. It is a good class and I learning some new things which is always good.

Not too much going on since I finally made it off base to get some dinner.

Hopefully this weekend goes better but I have duty on Sunday.

26 August 2007


Well I had a watch last walking around making sure people are not getting trouble. It is like shore patrol but I walked around in civilan clothes. You get to see all the bars and people are doing crazy things in them. I didn't finish until 3:330 this morning.

23 August 2007

Big Pain

I couldn't take care of somethings I needed to because of the CPO uniform purchase. In the US they do it in the morning so it doesn't effect the rest of everyone's shopping. I just bothers me because I only have certain times I can take care of things with my busy schedule.

I guess it might be next year.

22 August 2007

Duty Days Stink

Ok well I stink after duty days but who cares. Well it is another wonderful duty except we have lots of problems with our IT's and of course they can't fix the problem. Life must go on, for you who don't know I can't use my computer because it doesn't work, I have to use the big man's at night to get work done.

18 August 2007

Living with Pain

I really don't know how people do it. Then I don't know how people can take narcotics for the pain either because I have to be really hurting to take them. Well woke up this morning late and my problem was still hurting, my back is sore, my anthrax shot was throbbing and I had a headache. What a way to start the day.

I am feeling much better but that is thanks to the wonder drugs. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more fruitful day.

17 August 2007

Friday night, Party night

Well it is friday night and I am not partying. I am actually at work since it is Friday morning in the US.

I actually surprise everyone because I am actually at work all the time and I don't sleep most of the day. I guess my predecessor was usually asleep most of the time.

Things are going well, my chain of command loves me.

Our new townhouse

Front door


Mick's bathroom :-)

16 August 2007

Things just keep moving

Well I just sit here doing the same thing I always do.

12 August 2007


I need someone to look up Skype for me and let me know what they think since it looks like it might be a good deal. Internet based phone service that connects to Wi-Fi.

Just another day

Well after looking in Electronic City, I actually found the watch style I have been looking for cheaper in the NEX because they had a sell on Casio Watches. I know what my wife is saying not another watch but this one has automatic time updates in 5 zones.

Not much else to say.

11 August 2007

Akibarra "Electronic City"

Well I made it to Tokyo and the infamous Electronic City. I don't have pictures because it was like any other city stores. The only difference is the stores are not just on the first floor some start from the basement and move up several floors, some up to 8 floors.

The Japanese people are so interesting, I had to stop at a train station because wasn't sure how to get a transfer ticket since I was taking different trains. I didn't even have to leave the station to get dinner and do some of my shopping. They live by the trains and to go food. They live by a standards so everything they do is so regimented.

It is interesting and I can't wait to see the country side to see how they live.

10 August 2007

Just strolling along

Well I figure I will just stroll my lovely way. Things seem to be working for me at work since the XO had brought some issues to my attention and I had already taken care of them. Good stuff you know. Everyone who was in the running for top evals already advanced so it makes things wide open and every knows me as a hard worker. Plus I try to be one step ahead of everyone.

Life is good and I am happy. Well I will be until I climb Fuji.

To Whom it May Concern

Dear People Who Make the Furminator,

How is it possible that I can create a pile of fur bigger than my cat himself through the use of your product? Surely I'm going to make him bald at some point, right? Also, how am I supposed to coax the cat who won't let me pick her up or hold her to stand still while I'm removing 3/4 of the fur from her body? Finally, is there a cat fur recycling center I can send what's left over to? (I'm afraid that the huge piles are going to fill my trash can every week, leaving no room for real trash.) Perhaps there's someone who can spin all of that fur into yarn and knit booties for senior citizens or something???

Thank you for your assistance,

09 August 2007

Results are in

Well it is that time year again to start studying for next years CPO exam. Well I knew it was coming but oh well. Hopefully I get a good set of evaluations and I can have a decent write up. Everyone who reads my last couple talk about how poorly they were written. Oh well I guess that is the curse I have to live with.

08 August 2007

Awake at night

I could barely sleep last night but I know now the results will be out tonight. For the first time I am actually planning on making it even though I know it will be difficult for me to make it. It must be the positive vibe from the command.

04 August 2007

Baby Shower

Well and friend of mine invited me to a baby shower for one of the guys on the ship. Of course my friend is Fillipino and it was a Fillipino party. Of course the food was plentiful and good, the people were always cheerful. I sang more Karokee songs, so you can imagine how that went.

I am going to a baseball game tomorrow so it should be fun.

02 August 2007

Been a while

You can cut the tension with a knife since the Chief's result come out next week.

Work has been crazy that I have been working late. I finally got a chance to get on and leave a post.

Well I finally picked my bike up from the impound and the person was really friendly and helpful. So I am a bike rider again.

Not much else but I might be in schools for the rest of the month.