30 August 2008

Meeting old friends

It is strange in a lot of ways seeing people you haven't seen a very long time. Well I just saw him 6 months ago but I didn't think it was him. Last time we talked was about 6 years ago. I was just talking to my sister and she told me that I was not crazy, that an old family friend was in Japan.

Than my wonderful Japanese bike seen in early pictures hit a really bad windstorm and got bent over which is not bad but the front tire stayed up so they tire is shot and since the price for a new one would be about 50% of the bike price it was not worth fixing. I did buy a new bike to replace it and my wife went nuts. Oh well I need a form of transportation.

Life is good again on the homefront.

23 August 2008

Been a long time

Well it has been several weeks sine I posted my last blog. I don't know why I have so much to say but not really up to saying it anywhere. I guess that is just me.

Life is good just waiting to get out of this place.


14 August 2008

Crazy Week

Well it has been a really crazy week. I hope to never have one like this one again. Just plan everything that you would do in a month then do it in a week.

I guess it won't be too much longer for me out here which is a good thing.

I am writing crazy things, I know.

09 August 2008

Bad news

Well it is bad news time finding out that my odds of making Chief is really bad. Oh well sometimes you have to learn from your past and make things better for everyone else.

Not much else to say except I should be home in 10 months.

01 August 2008

Losing track

You know you are getting old when you lose track of the time. Oh well.

Well life is alright we are back in port and an old friend has arrived onboard, which is good because we are at the same stage in life with the same amount of kids. I knew him from my one of previous commands so it is refreshing.

It is very difficult not to see the wife but with all the anxiety about the results I haven't had much time to think about it. I feel like I am in a Harry Potter book sometimes the way we act.

Not much else to say.