29 July 2007

Duty Days

Ok Duty Days really suck. It was hot and humid and I had to walk around the barracks for four hours doing nothing. So I was soaking wet from all the sweat. I also hate the Saturday duty because I don't feel like doing anything on Sunday.

I will survive and I have nothing to write for right now.

26 July 2007

Hot and Humid

It is the wonderful Japan summertime, Hot and Humid. Just how I truly hate it but I guess I will have to deal with it.

Life is good just working and I got duty on Saturday so I am not going to do much this weekend.

25 July 2007

Here today gone tomorrow

Ok, I left my bike in a no bicycle parking spot so of course security came and took it. The normal bike parking was full of abandon bikes so oh well. I will go to security because I was breaking the law.

I am hoofing it for now.

24 July 2007

CRS Can't Remember Stuff

Ok I am getting so forgetful. Last night I went out to the store to buy somethings but before I got in the store I realized that I forgot my ID card.

So I went to Taco Bell to get the gas generators then back to work for finish off some work. I live at work literally.

Well I will update later.

21 July 2007

Yokohama and China Town

Well I finally made it to China Town in Yokohama and it is only a block from the stadium. Well the main entrance is a lot farther away and on a different train rail but I made it. I had some really good food and found some also. I will post some more pics and edit this tomorrow morning.

20 July 2007


Ok I have put some pics on previous posts to keep them updated instead of putting all of them on one post. Hope you enjoy them.

I finally found the VFW and oh my gosh the steak was huge and really delicious but I hope so for 3500 YEN. 800 grams of steak.

I am working late again because of the time difference. I will write more tomorrow when I am rested.

19 July 2007

I am back

Ok I am back and I will have some pictures to post as soon as I can get them on the internet. Hope all is well with everyone. I am at lunch so I will post something tonight.

15 July 2007

From Mick

Yes, we are underway with limited access to internet and all the new guys are getting sick because of the tossing and turning. Oh they joys of sudden underways, where no one is happy. Oh well.

Please post this.

Love Mick

14 July 2007

Happy Anniversary to usssssssss!

Dear Husband,

I can't believe it's been three months since that lovely Spring Friday in April. Even though it seems like you're never around any more (my attempt at Navy wife humor), you're still the bestest husband ever.

Your Wife

12 July 2007

Who's the luckiest wife in the Navy???

I got the most beautiful bouquet delivered to my office today - my husband is the best! I'll try to get a picture and post later, once I'm home (where the transfer cable for the camera is).

11 July 2007

The good, the bad and the stinky

Well as you can figure the barge has some stench but what do you expect it was an old ship to begin with. I guess I will have to deal with and stay with friends out in town.

I got a my first offer on my condo, I am trying to sell which is a miracle in itself since things don't sell too well down in Southern California for condos. They have really good credit and have been approved for two loans and one of them is a special starter loan. I guess have been really lucky to get my places sold.

Life is good but I had to buy a new backpack because my other broke on me, but I wanted a new one anyways but didn't want to get one until I needed one.

Everything is going well except no one writes me any e-mails so I don't feel loved what is up with that. LOL.

Work is really good so I am excited.

10 July 2007

The move to the dreaded barge

Well we are back from offloading ammo so we can start a Shipyard Refit Availability. Oh the joys begin now. That means we don't eat on the ship but have to take a bus to lunch and then have to live on a barge.

Yes fun times are getting ready to start for all.

Let me have one fun night on there and I will tell you all about it.

08 July 2007

Another weekend another Chinatown missed

Every single weekend I start out thinking I am going to Chinatown in Yokohama but I keep doing something else. I finally found the camera that I like and works for me. Now to find one for my nephew so both of them can have one when I send them mine. Oh that will be joyous.

I ran into a few guys from the ship and we ran around a bit then went to Church tonight which was fun.

I hope everyone is enjoying this so please let me know.

Meet the Wife

Hello Friends of My Husband,

I just thought I'd say hello from California and post a picture of our soon-to-be bedroom. Note that it's sporting a gorgeous new layer of drywall! Only about three months now until it's done.

I want to see pictures of Mick's new bike, don't you?

Take care, Sweetheart, and don't ride the new bike without proper safety gear!



07 July 2007

What a day

I started off my day by doing laundry and calling everyone that I love. Well of course everyone that I love knew I was doing laundry because that is all I ever do and if you only had 6 days worth of regular clothes you would too. So little much storage room and I have to keep uniforms also.

When I was taking care of an errand this morning I ran into a old shipmate that I saw the other day but wasn't sure. Well actually I ran into on of them yesterday too but that is yesterdays news. So we chatted a bit and he is doing well.

So I met up with a guy who knows the old man who relieved me in Camp Pendleton and we went out for Sushi. Then up the stairs to buy my new Japanese bike so I can look silly since I am 6'1" and that is a giant in Japanese standards. The bike was relativity inexpensive that makes it better.

I go to the exchange to check out the bike speed and how fast I can get their instead of walking. When I get into the exchange who do I see but another old shipmate, this place must be crawling with old Bridge buddies. So we talk and caught up with everyone, nothing to exciting except that one of the guys who used to work for me died of a drug overdose. I hate to say this but I am not surprised, very smart guy but not too bright.

Then off to the Bowling Alley I go, just to check it out. Well it is Saturday night so I get there for the start of Cosmic Bowling and who do I run into? Another Bridge Buddy, who I thought I saw the other day. How many more can there be? Who knows but I will let you know when I find them.

06 July 2007

Best Career Move

The ship is having a picnic and this is after a fun morning PT run, cleaning stations then Main Space Fire drill with like a good part of the crew gone.

During the picnic they were having a fund raising contest for the ship's MWR and Family Readiness Group, so I thought I would help out. The fund raiser just happen to be pie in the face contest. Who ever got the most money raised against them got and the person so spent the most would throw it. Well I put my money on the XO, I made sure that he was listening when I put my $120.00 down on him. Well of course I won, since I had a pocket full of money.

I just didn't take aim at the XO, I had to shake his hand and get a picture with him before I plowed the pie in his face. (pictures to come once I get them from somebody who was taking pictures) I can tell you the XO loves me know, which is the person I deal with everyday. FYI, I actually like the XO and respect him a lot currently he is on my top three lists of XO's. So I hope he is not too upset with me.

05 July 2007

Night time stroll

Well I was walking around trying to get my laptop to finally work on this free wireless Internet but it still won't. So I decided to get some money then convert it over to you Yen since it is cheaper then pulling out as Yen from the Community Bank ran by B of A.

The money exchange is right next to the main gate and I actually had to go out then back into the building since it was party night. After I got the money exchanged I decided I was hungry and wanted some gyudon usually mostly found at Yoshinoya, which is open 24 hours a day. http://www.yoshinoya.com/en/index.html

On my way to get the gyudon which is on the road to the Yokosuka Chuo train station better known as Blu Street, I was approached by some women. Well they started talking to me and I could barely understand what they were saying because I just kept on walking. It wasn't till the second one approached and started talking to me that I realized she was saying 20,000 yen. That is when I realized she was giving me prices.

Well I got my gyudon then went back to the ship to finally enjoy a nice night of sleep.

03 July 2007

Kitty Hell

I think my office has become a shrine to Hello Kitty so I will need to send so things out soon.