05 January 2008

Come home, your kittens miss you

Dear Daddy,

It is not much fun at home right now. Mommy keeps telling me to get off the coffee table (and the kitchen counters and the bedroom dresser) so that I can't demonstrate my superior jumping skills for Dave. Would you please let her know how important this is for my development? Also, she still isn't giving me as many kitty treats as Dave gets. (It's not my fault that he eats faster than me and tries to help me finish mine, too!) Finally, can you please remind Mommy to buy more kitty litter on her way home? (I think I need a box of my very own!)

I miss you,

p.s. Abby continues to growl when she sees me...would it be OK if I sat on her?

working on the resume

Well since I am close to getting out I don't know what to do about my resume. I want to make sure it is good.

I am so not tired because I took a huge nap.

03 January 2008

Being bad

I know I have been bad about posting things on here but hopefully I can post more this year. I guess we will have to wait and see.