24 October 2007

Korean BBQ

Well I quess I will be getting some first hand Korean BBQ. Yes I know it has been a while since I have posted on here but what can I say being with the wife is a very time consuming thing. No really just didn't want to write anything.

I got duty today but tomorrow I will be exploring Korea so let me know if you want anything.

Hope to have pics soon.

09 October 2007

Things are well

Well I am back in the states for a just a little while so I hope to catch up with some people. Well the flight wasn't bad and I don't have jet lag but I hardly do so I must be luckly that way. I will update when I can.

And now for something completely different

He arrived safely around 1:00 p.m. Pacific on Saturday and we've been on the go ever since. He's got an American cell phone, so email and ask for the number if you want to get in touch. He doesn't look much different, so why does it feel like forever since I've seen him???

05 October 2007

Almost there

Well I am almost back in the US. I am sitting at a friend's just playing on someone's wireless account. Oh the joys of unsecured wireless accounts.

Can't wait to see the kids.

02 October 2007

TP or Sandpaper

Ok everyone jokes about TP feeling like sandpaper but in Russia it really was. I mean the paper towels were softer than the TP but unfortunately I could not get some to bring back.

I thought I would share that.

01 October 2007

Training and More Training

Ok how much training can one person take in a day. I guess I should be happy that I am on two training teams and not any. Drills in the morning freezing my butt off outside then burning it off at night in the engine room.

Well everything else is going well since I will be home in less than a week. Life should be good.