23 November 2008


Oh do I love the Navy and the places I have been. I keep cursing the amount of underway time I have had since I have been in Japan not letting me see anything. Heck I have been to all but one of the island so far and I was hoping to we would go there this winter.

I have been to Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Kyoto all the major cities in Japan. What else is there?

Just thought I would say that.

17 November 2008

I really should blog more

Ok, I am actually going to talk about today. I really hate doing this just in case some one I work with or knows reads this.

It is funny when someone starts to care and yells you about a problem you have been trying to get fixed for a while. I am like if you actually cared I wouldn't have this problem now. That is the way things go in the Military just wait to they transfer and hope for something better.

The other wonderful time is if you have watched Carrier you know about how people get in trouble and they have to go in front of the Chief's. Well I had to that today since I mentor someone who got in trouble for disrespect. He is a good worker but he needs to learn some respect. I don't get a long with the people he disrespected but I still respect them because of their rank and one of them is my Mentor. You don't have to like someone to respect them and their views on things.

Ok I am done with that part. We had an award ceremony for a pilot and the crew along with the Air Controller who guided them in. The thick and skinny is that they lost gyrostablization control and had to land immediately. Luckily due to fast action they were able to. If not everything we have practiced about helo crashing on deck wouldn't have been in vein. OH YES I am on the team that teaches people how to fight a HELO CRASH.

Which brings me to think about all the CLASS A Mishaps that I have seen or been involved in. CLASS A Mishap is more than a million dollars of damage or loss of life. First there was the flooding of the submarine while we were still submerged, that was fun. Than there was the news report that came out about a month before the accident. Two ships colliding in the middle of the Persian Gulf and luckily the Aircraft Carrier was in not in the proper set up. For some reason they had their evelators down when they are normally up. That only means the side of the ship I was on wasn't completely scrapped off, putting me with a huge body of sea water and a lot of electricity. Oh what fun that would have been.

Than there was the near death experiences the one where we lost depth control and were going down backwards in the submarine. There was the time we lost dept control again and they were screaming at me during a drill to get propulsion back. I guess I didn't realize nobody relieved me and I was supposed to get the shaft moving again. The time I thought I was working and a deenergized system on to find out that 440V was there, that was really fun since it went from one arm to the other arm and of course my heart was in the pathway. Nothing too bad it only stopped for a few seconds. Oh my favorite of all times was the USS Alaska. Imagine me inside of a torpedo tube which is about less than 2 feet in diameter with no light and no protection except a wood cover. The submarine starts moving because we are in drydock and there was an earthquake , so two things could have happen. One is that the sub could have dropped off the blocks and the other is that the wall could have moved up and let seawater in and once that happen the wall would have gone away. I would have shot out of the torpedo tube the opposite direction that it is designed to. Well the only thing that did happen is I got out of the tube and a bunch of shipyard bubbas were standing around. I shout earthquake and they start running like rats in water, while I stand there waiting for the aftershocks.

Yes for all my near misses and stupid thing that I did. I can figure there could have been worse.

05 November 2008

Joys of Kanji

Well I have a little story to tell you about Kanji. It is one of the symbols that is used in the Japanese language. I was at Matsu my favorite Beef Bowl place getting a take out order when I hit what I thought was gydon which is a beef bowl. Well I ended up getting grilled beef instead which is really good also but I truly love the beef bowl. It is so funny shave beef that is boiled with onions and not much else and it is a huge hit here in Japan.

As I sit at my favorite spot I have been thinking about how Isolated I am out here. I get that way when I am away from everyone I start working and get so wrapped up I barely talk to anyone. I think I do that a lot and it is very difficult for people around me. It will be over soon.

P.S. I absolutely love my MacBook Air(MBA). Best thing I have bought in a long time besides my camera.

03 November 2008

Worst Blogger

Ok I must bet the worst blogger since I am hardly post anything. I hope I will be better with my new laptop since I take it everywhere with me. I have found my favorite spot right near the Marina. I love sitting at the gazebo and looking at the water on my computer sucking in fresh air.

The little things in life make me happy.