22 July 2008

Just trudging along

Well we are underway again and I am working to the wee hours of the night trying to get caught up on work. Oh well someone has to do the dirty work.

Not much else to talk about just having fun leaving comments on my wife's blog.

If you read this please let me know you read this so I know how many people read this.

21 July 2008

Korea Again

Well we are just wrapping another adventure to Korea and it is always a shopping time for most people. Since I have been in for a while and have bought everything I will ever need I don't do too much. If anyone wants Mink blankets please let me know since Korea has them everywhere.

Then you don't go to bars because they are all Juicy Girls, buy me drink girls, who are there just to juice you up. LOL .

Oh well just another port visit and a few days closer to get backing to California.

13 July 2008

Kyoto Trip

We went on a tour to Kyoto Japan today and I had an outstanding time. I really don't know what to say except we went to see the Shogun's Castle and Buddist Temple.

Really not much to say at this time just thought I would put in that I went out on a trip.

12 July 2008

Engagement Port

Well we pulled into Maizuru Japan which is a port for JMSDF (Joint Maritime Self Defense Force). It is in the Kyoto Prefecture which is like a state.

We had a hike today with several of the Japanese who are in the Navy up a hill to an observatory that overlooks the entire bay which is very beautiful. Japan is such a nice country with a lot of beautiful landscapes.

Tomorrow we are heading to Kyoto on a tour. Kyoto was the capital of Japan so this should be lots of fun. I will try to upload pictures when I can get them downloaded from my camera.

Things are going well but separation sucks.

07 July 2008

Getting ready for Shipmate

Well I am just sitting on the ship waiting for shipmate. (Shipmate is a type of Shore Patrol except worn in Civilian clothes and just to assist not to arrest.) Blowing my nose because I got some type of cold.

Things are going well except I never seem have enough time to call anyone back home. I should take sometime from work during the week to contact my family but I feel so drawn to get my job done.

I was driving Command Master Chief's beast today, a van that he bought from an officer that transferred. He let me use it to pick up his referigerator for his office, which I have a key for and access all the time. Another the refer is like for him and I. I just can't wait to be able to cold bottled water anytime I want.

I am still waiting for the CPO results to post. This is like the longest month.

04 July 2008

Fun on duty

Well I know now why I don't drink anymore. I blame it all on my protege' who's husband is stationed with me. We went out last night with a fellow NC and she wanted to have some margaritas. Well I am glad today is such a dead day since I am feeling dead.

Things are going really well just waiting for the Chief's results.

Not much else going on but I will give more information soon.