10 December 2008

True measure

How can we truly measure our accomplishments at work? How can we measure our accomplishments at home and with other people. Well why should we worry about measuring anything like that. I like to worry more about what is going on and how I can help people better themselves. It is funny because I see my evaluations and see how I was evaluated and everyone can't believe it. Sometimes personal feelings get in the way of the truth. You move on and know that inside Karma does work. Someone above is watching.

08 December 2008

Living the dream

I am just sitting here underway living the dream. I truly love this place I get to go to breakfast and than find out that I am staying till lunch. Joyous times.

Things are so boring that I have nothing really to do right now. I should work on my resume and courses that I need for when I retire.

Yes I am going crazy.

06 December 2008

Underway halfway

As I sit here I think about how much I love being underway but hate being here sometimes. The command can be irrating but when you are stuck out here with them it makes it worse. No escaping your boss.

The seas have been rough so it has been real fun with that almost walking on walls this morning. Than stupid me recommends that we do a reenlisment on the Foscle and the CO really likes to make sure that people get what they want for reenlistments. Well let's say I got a little saltwater shower this morning. Oh what a joy that was.

I do love my job though, helping people and working with others who help people. A true joy.

01 December 2008

Just another underway

Well we are underway again. I used to truly love these times but lately it is more of a chore than anything else.

I am not sure if it is the time or just the job I am dealing with now.

Oh well it is late and I am tired.