20 November 2007

Why we will never be moving again if I have anything to do with it

Greetings and salutations!

He's a little busy with work and I'm a little busy trying to fill out all of the required VA paperwork for our new townhouse, so it's hard to imagine anyone's still reading this. On the off chance that you are (still reading, that is), here's an update:

1. The ship is still floating somewhere in the ocean. They were to have had a port call but it's been cancelled. I am bummed because it would have been an amazing shopportunity for gifts and other junk we don't need.

2. It's a really good thing I don't have to work or do anything other than tracking down stuff for our loan. Oh wait...I DO.

3. My husband will be celebrating Thanksgiving on the ship and I will be celebrating with my parents at Hometown Buffet. I personally think I have it better because I'll be able to nap on the couch with the furrkids once the turkey kicks in.

4. If you don't have his address and would like to send a holiday card to my DH (dear husband), drop an email (lottalatte at gmail dot com) and I'll reply as soon as possible. Remember, it's just a standard first-class postage stamp!

Only 19 months, one week, four days to go. :-)

The Wife

07 November 2007

Busy as you can be

Well I haven't posted because I have been really busy and then the connection hasn't very good.

We are getting ready to leave Guam which was a very short trip. Life is good and I really miss everyone.

Hope all is well.