19 December 2007

Christmas Cards

So my crazy wife thinks I want Christmas Cards for gifts, not really I just didn't want any real gifts. It is really nice to have the cards though so thank you for those who sent them.

The cards are what is making me write what I am. We were talking about scarifice in transition class last week. A lot of people are greatful for what we do in the service and it is great but for some of us, like me it is nothing really special. I think back to when I was first in and I barely got any sleep because I worked on the reactor plant on nuke subs and now I get some more. The things I do don't really seem that big of a deal becuase it is just part of the job. I guess I am that type of person who really doesn't think about what is really going around, like the people who aren't that affected by the bullets whizing by. It sounds crazy but you just become Comfortly Numb.

Yes I love the Pink.

08 December 2007

True Irony

Well I decided to buy myself a little gift, well my wife says it is from her since she let me. LOL. So I buy a Nintendo DS since it has really good games and brain teaser stuff. I got the NY Times crossword puzzle game which is fun. Then I go out to the ship's Christmas party what do I win. Not the PS3 that I have been eyeing forever but really don't need. No I get a PSP. Now I have two portable game players and one can play movies just like my 30GB i POD. True irony.

Life is good.

07 December 2007

Shady's Back

Well I am back and it was horrible. I couldn't really post because of the internet connection. Then we never pulled in anywhere so that was wonderful.

Life is good and I will post later.

Got some good stories.

Who loves you, Baby?

I do!!!

Just a little reminder that I think you're the best husband in the world and I miss you a lot. A whole lot. Work is crazy, Junior League stuff is crazy, the cats are crazy, I'm going crazy, and still I love and miss you the most.

Welcome home (because you will be by the time that you see this), NC1...wish I could be there with the rest of the family members, but know that I'm there in spirit.


p.s. Tony is going crazy, too, and he sends his regards.

20 November 2007

Why we will never be moving again if I have anything to do with it

Greetings and salutations!

He's a little busy with work and I'm a little busy trying to fill out all of the required VA paperwork for our new townhouse, so it's hard to imagine anyone's still reading this. On the off chance that you are (still reading, that is), here's an update:

1. The ship is still floating somewhere in the ocean. They were to have had a port call but it's been cancelled. I am bummed because it would have been an amazing shopportunity for gifts and other junk we don't need.

2. It's a really good thing I don't have to work or do anything other than tracking down stuff for our loan. Oh wait...I DO.

3. My husband will be celebrating Thanksgiving on the ship and I will be celebrating with my parents at Hometown Buffet. I personally think I have it better because I'll be able to nap on the couch with the furrkids once the turkey kicks in.

4. If you don't have his address and would like to send a holiday card to my DH (dear husband), drop an email (lottalatte at gmail dot com) and I'll reply as soon as possible. Remember, it's just a standard first-class postage stamp!

Only 19 months, one week, four days to go. :-)

The Wife

07 November 2007

Busy as you can be

Well I haven't posted because I have been really busy and then the connection hasn't very good.

We are getting ready to leave Guam which was a very short trip. Life is good and I really miss everyone.

Hope all is well.

24 October 2007

Korean BBQ

Well I quess I will be getting some first hand Korean BBQ. Yes I know it has been a while since I have posted on here but what can I say being with the wife is a very time consuming thing. No really just didn't want to write anything.

I got duty today but tomorrow I will be exploring Korea so let me know if you want anything.

Hope to have pics soon.

09 October 2007

Things are well

Well I am back in the states for a just a little while so I hope to catch up with some people. Well the flight wasn't bad and I don't have jet lag but I hardly do so I must be luckly that way. I will update when I can.

And now for something completely different

He arrived safely around 1:00 p.m. Pacific on Saturday and we've been on the go ever since. He's got an American cell phone, so email and ask for the number if you want to get in touch. He doesn't look much different, so why does it feel like forever since I've seen him???

05 October 2007

Almost there

Well I am almost back in the US. I am sitting at a friend's just playing on someone's wireless account. Oh the joys of unsecured wireless accounts.

Can't wait to see the kids.

02 October 2007

TP or Sandpaper

Ok everyone jokes about TP feeling like sandpaper but in Russia it really was. I mean the paper towels were softer than the TP but unfortunately I could not get some to bring back.

I thought I would share that.

01 October 2007

Training and More Training

Ok how much training can one person take in a day. I guess I should be happy that I am on two training teams and not any. Drills in the morning freezing my butt off outside then burning it off at night in the engine room.

Well everything else is going well since I will be home in less than a week. Life should be good.


28 September 2007

Russia was fun

Well we are back underway again and I survived this morning. I am not if it was something I ate or drank but I sure got rid of it quickly this morning. We spent most of the time going around looking for places to eat at and doing a little drinking at different establishments.

I am looking forward to going home just not sure how soon we are going to close because of not selling the condo changed the VA conditions.

Not much else to say but my pictures won't be uploaded until I pull in again.

Hope to see you all soon.

26 September 2007

Russia is fun

Well I had a good time in here but I haven't downloaded any pictures yet. Once I do I will post them for you.

I am in a coastal city so it is not too industrial.

24 September 2007

Pulling into Port

Well we are pulling into port and I guess I can tell you where we are going since we will be there very shortly. This will be my first time seeing Russia so I am very excited and I am going out with some people who have been here before.

Not too much else to report except I had a good time these last couple of days because most of my work has slowed down. So I had some really good recovery time.

I will leave you with that until I get back on and report my adventure with pictures.

22 September 2007

Life Underway

Well we finally got our internet and e-mail back up because our satellite was down. Oh yes life is truly joyous underway. You don't sleep and you are constantly moving between briefs and training and you can't get any of your work done till late at night.

I have been pulled back into Engineering, it is Michael Carlone in the Godfather III. I try to escape but I can't, I have been placed on ETT(Engineering Training Team). Oh the wonderful times I will have again. Hot and loud spaces for several hours at a time. I also have to worry about DCTT( Damage Control Training Team) which is the fire fighters onboard. Most people don't carry two training teams but since I don't work, I get to do them both. It is easy to find time to catch up on work when you don't stand watch, oh yes go to bed around midnight or 1 am to rise sometime around sunrise. For those of you who don't know why Japan is called the land of rising sun, sunset is at 0530 right now and was 0430 during the height of summer.

We also keep rocking back and forth because of where we were going but now it is not so bad. So less people are sea sick which is good. For an salty dog like me it is good to rock back and forth because I can sleep better.

I am off to work some more and try to keep with my old pace of doing the job of four people and getting credit for being a dirt bag because I didn't get my warfare device but I took care of the sailors. FYI I am almost done with my requal on my normal warfare qual.

19 September 2007

I wish that I were out to sea

I have decided that my DH (darling husband) and I should do like a Freaky Friday thing. I can be him and have fun sailing wherever it is that he's sailing, and he can be me. Here. Facing 1,000 square feet of "needs to be packed" and "needs to go to Goodwill" and "needs to just be thrown out because it's not fit for anyone". Rewriting process documentation for 360 upcoming product releases. Helping my team write their goals documents for the upcoming year. (Writing my own for my manager - oops!) Figuring out how many error messages and diagnostics our products include so that I can forward that information to Product Management. Creating the innards for the training binders for next week's Advocacy Committee (Junior League) meeting. (Figuring out what the heck needs to GO IN the binders for next week.)

I know that your job really is challenging, Sweetheart, and I'm not diminishing what you do, but I'd really like to escape San Diego for a while - what do you think?

Never forget that I love you,

18 September 2007

Back on

Well time sure flys by when you are not paying attention. You get so busy doing things you don't realize what day it is or what day of the week it is .

Life is good once you are back on the water and not with ground pounders.

13 September 2007

Manning up the office

I was at the NEX Depot which used to be known as SERVMART to you old folks. In the states Office Depot actually runs it. Well I saw a coach for the office but I figured that CO would be jealous.

Life isn't too bad just moving along.

12 September 2007

Internet Cafe

You know you have it bad when you have to go to a Internet Cafe to get work done. I just love my IT department.

I tell you what if it wasn't for advancement I don't think I could be over here alone. I would not recommend seperation for anyone but sometimes you just have to suck it up. It also helps when you have some really good support and you can trust that person.

I just can't wait to go back out to sea.

09 September 2007

Just another day

Just doing laundry and getting supplies. Another boring day here in Japan.

08 September 2007

Getting Older

You know you are getting old when you have your birthday party bbq and you fall asleep around 10:30 PM. Yes it is true I crashed out at a friend's chair last night for my birthday bbq.

I am doing well and getting ready to enjoy a wonderful duty day where I can stand the watch later tonight.

I guess my wife has the countdown for when I come home so she can tell you that.

05 September 2007

IT Department

I truly love my IT department they call in a bunch of tech reps and we still have problems with our computers.

A typhoon is getting ready to hit so we have to batten down the hatchs and prepare for the storm since we can't get underway for this one.

Not much else to say except we have a lot going on with the tests and me needing to start studying again.

What a girl wants

I was going to put a picture here of the sectional sofa I've had my eye on but then I remembered that all I really want is to have you home, so nevermind.

Your Wife

04 September 2007

Sailors belong on ships and ships belong at sea

Ok we finally moved back onto the ship which means we should be getting underway soon. The only good thing is the barge had to be moved to our pier which made the move process easier.

Life is so much easier when you are underway and not sitting in port. You spend less money and you what your schedule is because there is not much to disrupt it. Just losing my mind sitting inport.

Not much else to say but I hope we get our network back up at work.

03 September 2007

New month September

Well it is a new month and things have seem to going really fast. I have missed calling several people for their birthdays but it is difficult because of the time difference. Hope everyone had a good b-day.

Well things are going to get really busy with work during our inspection cycles. So hopefully we will have internet and I have time to write some during the next month.

30 August 2007

Busy and Tired

Well I have been really busy and tired with going to school to be Command Financial Specialist. I have to do all this work becuase I pick wife's who like to spend money. LOL. It is a good class and I learning some new things which is always good.

Not too much going on since I finally made it off base to get some dinner.

Hopefully this weekend goes better but I have duty on Sunday.

26 August 2007


Well I had a watch last walking around making sure people are not getting trouble. It is like shore patrol but I walked around in civilan clothes. You get to see all the bars and people are doing crazy things in them. I didn't finish until 3:330 this morning.

23 August 2007

Big Pain

I couldn't take care of somethings I needed to because of the CPO uniform purchase. In the US they do it in the morning so it doesn't effect the rest of everyone's shopping. I just bothers me because I only have certain times I can take care of things with my busy schedule.

I guess it might be next year.

22 August 2007

Duty Days Stink

Ok well I stink after duty days but who cares. Well it is another wonderful duty except we have lots of problems with our IT's and of course they can't fix the problem. Life must go on, for you who don't know I can't use my computer because it doesn't work, I have to use the big man's at night to get work done.

18 August 2007

Living with Pain

I really don't know how people do it. Then I don't know how people can take narcotics for the pain either because I have to be really hurting to take them. Well woke up this morning late and my problem was still hurting, my back is sore, my anthrax shot was throbbing and I had a headache. What a way to start the day.

I am feeling much better but that is thanks to the wonder drugs. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more fruitful day.

17 August 2007

Friday night, Party night

Well it is friday night and I am not partying. I am actually at work since it is Friday morning in the US.

I actually surprise everyone because I am actually at work all the time and I don't sleep most of the day. I guess my predecessor was usually asleep most of the time.

Things are going well, my chain of command loves me.

Our new townhouse

Front door


Mick's bathroom :-)

16 August 2007

Things just keep moving

Well I just sit here doing the same thing I always do.

12 August 2007


I need someone to look up Skype for me and let me know what they think since it looks like it might be a good deal. Internet based phone service that connects to Wi-Fi.

Just another day

Well after looking in Electronic City, I actually found the watch style I have been looking for cheaper in the NEX because they had a sell on Casio Watches. I know what my wife is saying not another watch but this one has automatic time updates in 5 zones.

Not much else to say.

11 August 2007

Akibarra "Electronic City"

Well I made it to Tokyo and the infamous Electronic City. I don't have pictures because it was like any other city stores. The only difference is the stores are not just on the first floor some start from the basement and move up several floors, some up to 8 floors.

The Japanese people are so interesting, I had to stop at a train station because wasn't sure how to get a transfer ticket since I was taking different trains. I didn't even have to leave the station to get dinner and do some of my shopping. They live by the trains and to go food. They live by a standards so everything they do is so regimented.

It is interesting and I can't wait to see the country side to see how they live.

10 August 2007

Just strolling along

Well I figure I will just stroll my lovely way. Things seem to be working for me at work since the XO had brought some issues to my attention and I had already taken care of them. Good stuff you know. Everyone who was in the running for top evals already advanced so it makes things wide open and every knows me as a hard worker. Plus I try to be one step ahead of everyone.

Life is good and I am happy. Well I will be until I climb Fuji.

To Whom it May Concern

Dear People Who Make the Furminator,

How is it possible that I can create a pile of fur bigger than my cat himself through the use of your product? Surely I'm going to make him bald at some point, right? Also, how am I supposed to coax the cat who won't let me pick her up or hold her to stand still while I'm removing 3/4 of the fur from her body? Finally, is there a cat fur recycling center I can send what's left over to? (I'm afraid that the huge piles are going to fill my trash can every week, leaving no room for real trash.) Perhaps there's someone who can spin all of that fur into yarn and knit booties for senior citizens or something???

Thank you for your assistance,

09 August 2007

Results are in

Well it is that time year again to start studying for next years CPO exam. Well I knew it was coming but oh well. Hopefully I get a good set of evaluations and I can have a decent write up. Everyone who reads my last couple talk about how poorly they were written. Oh well I guess that is the curse I have to live with.

08 August 2007

Awake at night

I could barely sleep last night but I know now the results will be out tonight. For the first time I am actually planning on making it even though I know it will be difficult for me to make it. It must be the positive vibe from the command.

04 August 2007

Baby Shower

Well and friend of mine invited me to a baby shower for one of the guys on the ship. Of course my friend is Fillipino and it was a Fillipino party. Of course the food was plentiful and good, the people were always cheerful. I sang more Karokee songs, so you can imagine how that went.

I am going to a baseball game tomorrow so it should be fun.

02 August 2007

Been a while

You can cut the tension with a knife since the Chief's result come out next week.

Work has been crazy that I have been working late. I finally got a chance to get on and leave a post.

Well I finally picked my bike up from the impound and the person was really friendly and helpful. So I am a bike rider again.

Not much else but I might be in schools for the rest of the month.

29 July 2007

Duty Days

Ok Duty Days really suck. It was hot and humid and I had to walk around the barracks for four hours doing nothing. So I was soaking wet from all the sweat. I also hate the Saturday duty because I don't feel like doing anything on Sunday.

I will survive and I have nothing to write for right now.

26 July 2007

Hot and Humid

It is the wonderful Japan summertime, Hot and Humid. Just how I truly hate it but I guess I will have to deal with it.

Life is good just working and I got duty on Saturday so I am not going to do much this weekend.

25 July 2007

Here today gone tomorrow

Ok, I left my bike in a no bicycle parking spot so of course security came and took it. The normal bike parking was full of abandon bikes so oh well. I will go to security because I was breaking the law.

I am hoofing it for now.

24 July 2007

CRS Can't Remember Stuff

Ok I am getting so forgetful. Last night I went out to the store to buy somethings but before I got in the store I realized that I forgot my ID card.

So I went to Taco Bell to get the gas generators then back to work for finish off some work. I live at work literally.

Well I will update later.

21 July 2007

Yokohama and China Town

Well I finally made it to China Town in Yokohama and it is only a block from the stadium. Well the main entrance is a lot farther away and on a different train rail but I made it. I had some really good food and found some also. I will post some more pics and edit this tomorrow morning.

20 July 2007


Ok I have put some pics on previous posts to keep them updated instead of putting all of them on one post. Hope you enjoy them.

I finally found the VFW and oh my gosh the steak was huge and really delicious but I hope so for 3500 YEN. 800 grams of steak.

I am working late again because of the time difference. I will write more tomorrow when I am rested.

19 July 2007

I am back

Ok I am back and I will have some pictures to post as soon as I can get them on the internet. Hope all is well with everyone. I am at lunch so I will post something tonight.

15 July 2007

From Mick

Yes, we are underway with limited access to internet and all the new guys are getting sick because of the tossing and turning. Oh they joys of sudden underways, where no one is happy. Oh well.

Please post this.

Love Mick

14 July 2007

Happy Anniversary to usssssssss!

Dear Husband,

I can't believe it's been three months since that lovely Spring Friday in April. Even though it seems like you're never around any more (my attempt at Navy wife humor), you're still the bestest husband ever.

Your Wife

12 July 2007

Who's the luckiest wife in the Navy???

I got the most beautiful bouquet delivered to my office today - my husband is the best! I'll try to get a picture and post later, once I'm home (where the transfer cable for the camera is).

11 July 2007

The good, the bad and the stinky

Well as you can figure the barge has some stench but what do you expect it was an old ship to begin with. I guess I will have to deal with and stay with friends out in town.

I got a my first offer on my condo, I am trying to sell which is a miracle in itself since things don't sell too well down in Southern California for condos. They have really good credit and have been approved for two loans and one of them is a special starter loan. I guess have been really lucky to get my places sold.

Life is good but I had to buy a new backpack because my other broke on me, but I wanted a new one anyways but didn't want to get one until I needed one.

Everything is going well except no one writes me any e-mails so I don't feel loved what is up with that. LOL.

Work is really good so I am excited.

10 July 2007

The move to the dreaded barge

Well we are back from offloading ammo so we can start a Shipyard Refit Availability. Oh the joys begin now. That means we don't eat on the ship but have to take a bus to lunch and then have to live on a barge.

Yes fun times are getting ready to start for all.

Let me have one fun night on there and I will tell you all about it.

08 July 2007

Another weekend another Chinatown missed

Every single weekend I start out thinking I am going to Chinatown in Yokohama but I keep doing something else. I finally found the camera that I like and works for me. Now to find one for my nephew so both of them can have one when I send them mine. Oh that will be joyous.

I ran into a few guys from the ship and we ran around a bit then went to Church tonight which was fun.

I hope everyone is enjoying this so please let me know.

Meet the Wife

Hello Friends of My Husband,

I just thought I'd say hello from California and post a picture of our soon-to-be bedroom. Note that it's sporting a gorgeous new layer of drywall! Only about three months now until it's done.

I want to see pictures of Mick's new bike, don't you?

Take care, Sweetheart, and don't ride the new bike without proper safety gear!



07 July 2007

What a day

I started off my day by doing laundry and calling everyone that I love. Well of course everyone that I love knew I was doing laundry because that is all I ever do and if you only had 6 days worth of regular clothes you would too. So little much storage room and I have to keep uniforms also.

When I was taking care of an errand this morning I ran into a old shipmate that I saw the other day but wasn't sure. Well actually I ran into on of them yesterday too but that is yesterdays news. So we chatted a bit and he is doing well.

So I met up with a guy who knows the old man who relieved me in Camp Pendleton and we went out for Sushi. Then up the stairs to buy my new Japanese bike so I can look silly since I am 6'1" and that is a giant in Japanese standards. The bike was relativity inexpensive that makes it better.

I go to the exchange to check out the bike speed and how fast I can get their instead of walking. When I get into the exchange who do I see but another old shipmate, this place must be crawling with old Bridge buddies. So we talk and caught up with everyone, nothing to exciting except that one of the guys who used to work for me died of a drug overdose. I hate to say this but I am not surprised, very smart guy but not too bright.

Then off to the Bowling Alley I go, just to check it out. Well it is Saturday night so I get there for the start of Cosmic Bowling and who do I run into? Another Bridge Buddy, who I thought I saw the other day. How many more can there be? Who knows but I will let you know when I find them.

06 July 2007

Best Career Move

The ship is having a picnic and this is after a fun morning PT run, cleaning stations then Main Space Fire drill with like a good part of the crew gone.

During the picnic they were having a fund raising contest for the ship's MWR and Family Readiness Group, so I thought I would help out. The fund raiser just happen to be pie in the face contest. Who ever got the most money raised against them got and the person so spent the most would throw it. Well I put my money on the XO, I made sure that he was listening when I put my $120.00 down on him. Well of course I won, since I had a pocket full of money.

I just didn't take aim at the XO, I had to shake his hand and get a picture with him before I plowed the pie in his face. (pictures to come once I get them from somebody who was taking pictures) I can tell you the XO loves me know, which is the person I deal with everyday. FYI, I actually like the XO and respect him a lot currently he is on my top three lists of XO's. So I hope he is not too upset with me.

05 July 2007

Night time stroll

Well I was walking around trying to get my laptop to finally work on this free wireless Internet but it still won't. So I decided to get some money then convert it over to you Yen since it is cheaper then pulling out as Yen from the Community Bank ran by B of A.

The money exchange is right next to the main gate and I actually had to go out then back into the building since it was party night. After I got the money exchanged I decided I was hungry and wanted some gyudon usually mostly found at Yoshinoya, which is open 24 hours a day. http://www.yoshinoya.com/en/index.html

On my way to get the gyudon which is on the road to the Yokosuka Chuo train station better known as Blu Street, I was approached by some women. Well they started talking to me and I could barely understand what they were saying because I just kept on walking. It wasn't till the second one approached and started talking to me that I realized she was saying 20,000 yen. That is when I realized she was giving me prices.

Well I got my gyudon then went back to the ship to finally enjoy a nice night of sleep.

03 July 2007

Kitty Hell

I think my office has become a shrine to Hello Kitty so I will need to send so things out soon.

20 June 2007

Community Relations

Well the ship had COMREL with a local orphanage in Oita which is on another island in Japan. The ship was doing relationship visit. It was a great fun time and I had lots of fun with the kids.

After the COMREL, I went to dinner with the guys who were taking pictures and getting information to write a news article. It was a fun time because we went to a Sushi place where they didn't speak English and we couldn't speak any Japanese but luckily we had a phrase book and a very pantient cook. It was some great sushi.

10 June 2007

Japanese Baseball

OK, I was going to go to China Town when I realized that there was a baseball game in Yokohama where the China town is located. So I was on the phone with my wife, when I saw a poster with the Yokohama Baystars and the date for today. Well I had to go to the information desk and then ask them where the stadium was and luckily one of them understood me enough. You got to experience it because you have to sit where your team is playing so you can route for them. OK I get my ticket and then I finally find out where I can sit because it was bench seating. Then the game starts and when the opposing team is pitching everyone starts doing these chants and making noise. Then when our team is pitching we sit done. No popcorn just Japanese food and a lot of beer. It was a great time and I am trying to get everyone around me to go.

03 June 2007

Catch up time from the beginning

It started with me boarding the plane from LA and on my way to Nari ta airport. I got to the airport and then found my way to the pickup location which just happen to be in the other terminal. Once I got to the base a guy was nice enough to point out where I needed to go but I still had to hump all my bags but no one would help me even though I was struggling with two heavy sea bags. Then I got to my temp room to find a shipmate who took me out to eat and get situated. We hung out for a while but he had to pick up his family.

Well I reported to the ship on a Friday and had the weekend off so my new friend and I went out that weekend. During the next week I had orientation class and cultural awareness class. So on Thursday I went on field trip to see the Great Buddha. I ran into several guys in my class, so we ate lunch at this place that had steamed fish and tempura fish with their heads on. I loved them and my travel mates were freaked.