29 June 2008

Japanese Arcades

Japan has these games which require playing cards so you get the playing cards as you play so you can play your players. They have Soccer and Baseball games among the other card games that you see. Football is pretty fun becuase it has information about the players on them.

Not much else going on except it is raining.

Yesterday's Hi:
76 ° F
Yesterday's Lo:
67 ° F
Monthly Average Hi:
73 ° F
Monthly Average Lo:
65 ° F
Monthly Rainfall to Date:
7.35 In
Avg Monthly Rainfall:
6.30 In
Normal Ann. Rainfall to Date:
N/A In
Ann. Rainfall Received to Date:
24.67 In

28 June 2008

A little better

OK so we supposedly went underway. I don't call getting underway for two days to go to Sasebo to spend four days there to just turn around and head straight back up an underway. It really make put thing in perspective again. Going to sea for me is one of the most soothing things for me. A sailor belongs a ship and a ship belongs at sea.

Well I am counting down since I only have 11 months left till I leave Japan and go back to my family. Hopefully to my new little car if it is done by then. Yes a 6'1" man in little Smart Car, or as I like to call it a clown car.

I am also in constant antipisipation of the Chief's results since I know several people reviewing my package this year. So wish me luck.

11 June 2008

Dying over here

It is really hard sometimes being alone and in foreign place. It is even harder when you don't have time to unwind and enjoy things. Leave was too short and I missed my wife the day I started leave because I knew I was leaving again.