28 September 2007

Russia was fun

Well we are back underway again and I survived this morning. I am not if it was something I ate or drank but I sure got rid of it quickly this morning. We spent most of the time going around looking for places to eat at and doing a little drinking at different establishments.

I am looking forward to going home just not sure how soon we are going to close because of not selling the condo changed the VA conditions.

Not much else to say but my pictures won't be uploaded until I pull in again.

Hope to see you all soon.

26 September 2007

Russia is fun

Well I had a good time in here but I haven't downloaded any pictures yet. Once I do I will post them for you.

I am in a coastal city so it is not too industrial.

24 September 2007

Pulling into Port

Well we are pulling into port and I guess I can tell you where we are going since we will be there very shortly. This will be my first time seeing Russia so I am very excited and I am going out with some people who have been here before.

Not too much else to report except I had a good time these last couple of days because most of my work has slowed down. So I had some really good recovery time.

I will leave you with that until I get back on and report my adventure with pictures.

22 September 2007

Life Underway

Well we finally got our internet and e-mail back up because our satellite was down. Oh yes life is truly joyous underway. You don't sleep and you are constantly moving between briefs and training and you can't get any of your work done till late at night.

I have been pulled back into Engineering, it is Michael Carlone in the Godfather III. I try to escape but I can't, I have been placed on ETT(Engineering Training Team). Oh the wonderful times I will have again. Hot and loud spaces for several hours at a time. I also have to worry about DCTT( Damage Control Training Team) which is the fire fighters onboard. Most people don't carry two training teams but since I don't work, I get to do them both. It is easy to find time to catch up on work when you don't stand watch, oh yes go to bed around midnight or 1 am to rise sometime around sunrise. For those of you who don't know why Japan is called the land of rising sun, sunset is at 0530 right now and was 0430 during the height of summer.

We also keep rocking back and forth because of where we were going but now it is not so bad. So less people are sea sick which is good. For an salty dog like me it is good to rock back and forth because I can sleep better.

I am off to work some more and try to keep with my old pace of doing the job of four people and getting credit for being a dirt bag because I didn't get my warfare device but I took care of the sailors. FYI I am almost done with my requal on my normal warfare qual.

19 September 2007

I wish that I were out to sea

I have decided that my DH (darling husband) and I should do like a Freaky Friday thing. I can be him and have fun sailing wherever it is that he's sailing, and he can be me. Here. Facing 1,000 square feet of "needs to be packed" and "needs to go to Goodwill" and "needs to just be thrown out because it's not fit for anyone". Rewriting process documentation for 360 upcoming product releases. Helping my team write their goals documents for the upcoming year. (Writing my own for my manager - oops!) Figuring out how many error messages and diagnostics our products include so that I can forward that information to Product Management. Creating the innards for the training binders for next week's Advocacy Committee (Junior League) meeting. (Figuring out what the heck needs to GO IN the binders for next week.)

I know that your job really is challenging, Sweetheart, and I'm not diminishing what you do, but I'd really like to escape San Diego for a while - what do you think?

Never forget that I love you,

18 September 2007

Back on

Well time sure flys by when you are not paying attention. You get so busy doing things you don't realize what day it is or what day of the week it is .

Life is good once you are back on the water and not with ground pounders.

13 September 2007

Manning up the office

I was at the NEX Depot which used to be known as SERVMART to you old folks. In the states Office Depot actually runs it. Well I saw a coach for the office but I figured that CO would be jealous.

Life isn't too bad just moving along.

12 September 2007

Internet Cafe

You know you have it bad when you have to go to a Internet Cafe to get work done. I just love my IT department.

I tell you what if it wasn't for advancement I don't think I could be over here alone. I would not recommend seperation for anyone but sometimes you just have to suck it up. It also helps when you have some really good support and you can trust that person.

I just can't wait to go back out to sea.

09 September 2007

Just another day

Just doing laundry and getting supplies. Another boring day here in Japan.

08 September 2007

Getting Older

You know you are getting old when you have your birthday party bbq and you fall asleep around 10:30 PM. Yes it is true I crashed out at a friend's chair last night for my birthday bbq.

I am doing well and getting ready to enjoy a wonderful duty day where I can stand the watch later tonight.

I guess my wife has the countdown for when I come home so she can tell you that.

05 September 2007

IT Department

I truly love my IT department they call in a bunch of tech reps and we still have problems with our computers.

A typhoon is getting ready to hit so we have to batten down the hatchs and prepare for the storm since we can't get underway for this one.

Not much else to say except we have a lot going on with the tests and me needing to start studying again.

What a girl wants

I was going to put a picture here of the sectional sofa I've had my eye on but then I remembered that all I really want is to have you home, so nevermind.

Your Wife

04 September 2007

Sailors belong on ships and ships belong at sea

Ok we finally moved back onto the ship which means we should be getting underway soon. The only good thing is the barge had to be moved to our pier which made the move process easier.

Life is so much easier when you are underway and not sitting in port. You spend less money and you what your schedule is because there is not much to disrupt it. Just losing my mind sitting inport.

Not much else to say but I hope we get our network back up at work.

03 September 2007

New month September

Well it is a new month and things have seem to going really fast. I have missed calling several people for their birthdays but it is difficult because of the time difference. Hope everyone had a good b-day.

Well things are going to get really busy with work during our inspection cycles. So hopefully we will have internet and I have time to write some during the next month.