15 February 2008

How do I love you?

In honor of this day set aside to celebrate Love (and to fill the coffers of Hallmark), I give you my Top 10 Reasons I Love My Husband:

10. His love of all things barbecue - seriously, I think he'd BBQ scrambled eggs if he could
9. The fact that he owns more pairs of shoes than I do - both work and non-work
8. He never gets mad when I buy something expensive
7. He doesn't believe me when he asks what's wrong and I say, "Nothing. I'm fine."
6. He gave up a week of his life to go to New Orleans with me to gut and rebuild houses with the Junior League
5. He looks so handsome in his uniform - not the Uncle Elmer overall outfit with the funky belt (why???), but the camis, the dress blues, and the dress dinner blues
4. He never complains when I spend time with the foster kids that I volunteer with, even when it conflicts with his birthday or our anniversary
3. He coaches youth sports even without kids of our own
2. He's such a wonderful cat daddy (even to Dave who persists in growling every time he comes in the room)

And, most importantly of all...
1. Because he loves me unconditionally, including all of my bad habits (most of which he doesn't think are bad at all), and has made me believe in "forever" again

Happy First Married Valentine's Day - I miss you!