20 June 2007

Community Relations

Well the ship had COMREL with a local orphanage in Oita which is on another island in Japan. The ship was doing relationship visit. It was a great fun time and I had lots of fun with the kids.

After the COMREL, I went to dinner with the guys who were taking pictures and getting information to write a news article. It was a fun time because we went to a Sushi place where they didn't speak English and we couldn't speak any Japanese but luckily we had a phrase book and a very pantient cook. It was some great sushi.

10 June 2007

Japanese Baseball

OK, I was going to go to China Town when I realized that there was a baseball game in Yokohama where the China town is located. So I was on the phone with my wife, when I saw a poster with the Yokohama Baystars and the date for today. Well I had to go to the information desk and then ask them where the stadium was and luckily one of them understood me enough. You got to experience it because you have to sit where your team is playing so you can route for them. OK I get my ticket and then I finally find out where I can sit because it was bench seating. Then the game starts and when the opposing team is pitching everyone starts doing these chants and making noise. Then when our team is pitching we sit done. No popcorn just Japanese food and a lot of beer. It was a great time and I am trying to get everyone around me to go.

03 June 2007

Catch up time from the beginning

It started with me boarding the plane from LA and on my way to Nari ta airport. I got to the airport and then found my way to the pickup location which just happen to be in the other terminal. Once I got to the base a guy was nice enough to point out where I needed to go but I still had to hump all my bags but no one would help me even though I was struggling with two heavy sea bags. Then I got to my temp room to find a shipmate who took me out to eat and get situated. We hung out for a while but he had to pick up his family.

Well I reported to the ship on a Friday and had the weekend off so my new friend and I went out that weekend. During the next week I had orientation class and cultural awareness class. So on Thursday I went on field trip to see the Great Buddha. I ran into several guys in my class, so we ate lunch at this place that had steamed fish and tempura fish with their heads on. I loved them and my travel mates were freaked.