29 March 2009

Harajuku and Chery Blossoms

Just went to Harajuku where the have the Gothic people. When you get there you walk into Yogoi park where the Meiji Jungu Shrine is and a beautiful garden area. It was a really nice time and they are planning to put the Olympic events there if they get the bid for 2016. Really nice place.

We also went to Ueno Park to check out the Cherry Blossoms since they have already started and oh my gosh were they so beautiful. I just love this time of year in Japan. Not too hot and humid and not too cold either.

Best time to come to Japan and see the sights except for the winter festival.

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Denise said...

The cherry blossoms are actually one of the reasons I wish I could have made it over there before you leave. Oh, well, you will take pictures for me and I will live vicariously.

12 days, 8 hours!